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About Artizity

Artizity products are created to explore Your inner life. We are working to make our products for experienced artists, painting lovers, new painters, kids, and students.

Being creative has been a defining characteristic of humans since the beginning of time. All human beings have been using their hands to communicate, feel, touch, and make a mark in the world. Art comes from the beauty and wonder of the mind. 

Artizity is creating a space where creativity and expression are blooming. We created Artizity with blissful inspiration and we want to inspiring humans from all over the world. 

We are one team and we will explore new directions together.


High quality and rich pigments

  • high coverage and economical to use

  • drying quickly and staying as beautiful as the day they were painted

  • Pigments consistent are laying down rich, can be easily mixed with each other

  • quick drying so you can quickly build layers or add other elements to your work right away

  • Certified Safe & Non-Toxic: No need to worry about toxicity with our acrylic paint

2022-04-21 Paints1231.jpg
2022-04-21 Paints0589.jpg

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