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How to paint the Portrait

Learn acrylic painting with Gabriele Sermuksnyte Artizity Tutorials will build an online learning community with hundreds of inspiring videos for creative and curious people. Explore your creativity and improve your painting skills.

Acrylic Portrait Painting Tutorial

A tiny canvas will leave a big impression. In this video, you will watch how the artist paints a highly detailed portrait using Artizity Acrylic Paint. Using a limited palette, she creates an impressive portrait of the women. It’s important to learn how to mix colors when you first begin your painting practice. In doing so, your work will have rich, multifaceted hues that are truly an expression of yourself and your subject. Bellow, it's a few tips about mixing colors. In other videos, we will continue with this topic.

Color mixing: The primary colors - are red, blue, and yellow. These three colors are called primary colors because they cannot be created by mixing two or more colors together. They’re the basis for all other colors, with the exception of white.

Tips on color mixing (light/dark):

  1. Add light colors to dark colors For example, it’s easier to make pink by adding red to white than keep adding more and more white to lighten the red. You’ll also use less paint by doing it this way.

  2. Don’t use black to darken a color. Although you may think it makes sense to just add some black when you want to darken a color. Suggest to don't do this way. Try to use a dark cool color such as phthalo blue or a warm neutral such as raw umber.

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